Vortex Tokenomics

The vortex tokenomics is built to maintain the health and long-term growth of the SyncSwap protocol. The core of the vortex tokenomics is the veSYNC token.

Introducing veSYNC

veSYNC (Vortex SYNC) is a special version of the SYNC token that can be used to participate in vortex tokenomics.

SYNC holders can convert their SYNC tokens into veSYNC tokens anytime and enjoy various benefits.

  • Voting powers

  • Protocol fee dividends

  • Fee discount


veSYNC can be converted back to SYNC tokens after a vesting duration.

The full vesting duration is 6 months, and once the vesting starts, 100% of veSYNC can be converted to SYNC tokens after 6 months.

It also supports the uncomplete vesting, starting from a minimum vesting duration of 20 days, and 50% of tokens will be able to convert to SYNC tokens after 20 days.

After the minimum vesting duration, if not claimed, the remaining 50% of tokens will continue to vest linearly until the full vesting duration.

  • Minimum vesting duration - 20 days, 50%

  • Full vesting duration - 6 months, 100%

For example, if you decide to claim in 30 days, 53.125% of your veSYNC tokens will be converted to SYNC tokens.

percentage=0.5+(10/160)0.5percentage = 0.5 + (10/160) * 0.5

The vesting can be canceled anytime and it's possible to have multiple vestings at the same time.

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