The core product of the SyncSwap protocol is the decentralized exchange (DEX) features the powerful multi-pool design.

  • Future-Proof. The design of the exchange is highly customizable and ready to evolve over time.


The next-generation Multi-Pool technology allows SyncSwap DEX to integrate various pool models, each optimized for different use cases.

  • Efficient. Supports different AMM algorithms and enables higher capital efficiency.

  • Flexible. Provide more choices for liquidity providers.

  • Composable. The modular design allows more powerful models to be added in the future.

The Multi-Pool is vital to keeping the protocol evolving and remaining competitive.


The design of SyncSwap DEX is highly flexible and comprises multiple independent modules. This allows the modules to be updated in the future to add more features seamlessly.

In the world of Smart Contracts, immutable is one of the key concepts that means most contracts cannot be upgraded directly.

Proxy patterns allow the developer to upgrade the implementation of contracts. However, it's too dangerous for a trustless infrastructure, as malicious codes can be added anytime.

The pattern allows SyncSwap to be safely updated in the future while not compromising its security and trustless nature.


The protocol is designed to be the exchange layer and a solution to liquidity on the zkSync Era network at the protocol level.

SyncSwap DEX is designed to be fully composable and easily integrated into other protocols.

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