Our Mission

An Aligned Mission

SyncSwap aligns with the mission of zkSync to accelerate the mass adoption of crypto for personal sovereignty.

SyncSwap is a community-driven and user-centric project. We build SyncSwap with user-friendly in mind.

The mission of SyncSwap is to bring easy-to-use DeFi and the benefits of scaled Ethereum to more people and help the mass adoption of zero-knowledge technology, Ethereum, and Web3.

Community Ownership

Community ownership is the act or degree of ownership and responsibility the community takes towards any programs or activities running in the community.

SyncSwap designed to be owned by the community. As a strong community-driven project, the community has been involved in the co-creation of SyncSwap from the beginning, and we believe it takes more than just trusting the community - It takes full community ownership to build towards a better future.

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