Future Proof

SyncSwap's future-proof architecture is ready to evolve over time. More pool models and features will be integrated into the system to keep the protocol powerful and competitive.

You can learn more in the Future Proof section.


SyncSwap is capable of efficient trading with innovative multi-pool technology. Traders can benefit from lower gas costs, competitive fees, and optimized trading strategies, while liquidity providers have potentially higher earnings.

You can learn more in the Efficient Tradings section.


SyncSwap is committed to delivering a smooth user experience and user-friendly products and we believe the shift is a critical step on the road to the mass adoption of crypto.


Both traders and liquidity providers are incentivized on SyncSwap to maximize participants' profits. With the health incentive structure, it meanwhile leads to more effective protocol growth and kicks off the flywheel.

Governance Enabled

SyncSwap is designed to be owned by the community.

SyncSwap is governance enabled, and the community can directly control key protocol parameters including the weekly emission of rewards.

There are also various protocol parameters that can be changed through governance proposals, like trading fees of pools and fee allocations.


SyncSwap is a permissionless protocol that is entirely open for public use, with no ability to restrict who can or cannot use it selectively.

Anyone can swap, earn, or provide liquidity and create new markets at will. This is a departure from traditional financial services, which typically restrict access based on geography, wealth status, and age.

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