Efficient Tradings

Efficiency is always a focus on decentralized finance and SyncSwap exchange is designed with efficiency in mind.

With SyncSwap, tradings are more efficient than ever.


Built on zkSync, SyncSwap's users can enjoy up to 1000x scaling with lower costs and dynamic gas refunding.

Not to mention SyncSwap's architecture is gas optimized and is possible to provide a lower gas cost compared with other exchanges.

Gas refunds

SyncSwap benefits from the advanced state-diff technology of zkSync to achieve lower gas costs.

The gas fees of transactions on SyncSwap are dynamic and any unused fees will be refunded with every transaction.

Usually, 20%-90% gas fees of every transaction will be refunded, it's immediately and automatically after the transaction confirmed.

The gas refund also applies to failed or reverted transactions.

Competitive fees

Trading fees on SyncSwap can be dynamically adjusted to flexibly fit the current market conditions.

  • For traders, this ensures trading fees on SyncSwap are always competitive compared to other exchanges for smaller trading costs and tighter spread.

  • For liquidity providers and stakeholders, SyncSwap can always utilize the optimized fee strategy in different market conditions for higher earnings.

For example, traders can enjoy lower fees for the most popular tokens like ETH and USDC. And when stablecoin is de-pegging, it's reasonable for liquidity providers to earn higher trading fees to subsidy their impermanent loss.

Optimized Trading Strategies

Quick, comprehensive, and reliable for the best price.

SyncSwap's Multi-Pool technology enables different pool models each optimized for various trading and market scenarios.

SyncSwap's Smart Router will help you find the best routes for your trade across all pools by utilizing multiple token hops, the path splits, and various pool models for the best gain effortlessly.

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