Trading is super easy

At SyncSwap, you can trade easily between any tokens you want as soon as there is liquidity.

Feel free to discover thousands of cryptos on zkSync Era and trade them on SyncSwap with a single click.

Getting Started

Simply select two tokens you want to exchange, fill in the amount and click the Swap button.

The price and trading value will be shown after filling in the amount. You can also view price impact and more details by clicking on the price bar.

When you make a trade on SyncSwap, you will pay a trading fee to the protocol, and different pools can have different fees, and you can check them in the pools section. The trading fee has already been subtracted from the output amount.

Price Impact

The effect your trade will have on the market price for the tokens. Imagine you are 3AC and have to sell your ETH to avoid liquidation. The dump will impact the market price of ETH.

Small trades will have a negligible price impact in large pools such as ETH/USDC. However, suppose you are trading large amounts or a token with low liquidity. In that case, the price impact might be high and result in a worse overall price.

The impact is only an estimation based on the current state of the liquidity pool. For assets like ETH and LINK with many external liquidity sources, the market price will not move as the impact because of the existence of arbitrage bots.

If you find the price impact is high, splitting your trade into a few transactions is recommended. This allows the MEV bots to work for you.

Min Received

This is the minimum amount you will receive from the trade. It is determined by the market price and your slippage limit setting.

If the market price shifts suddenly or your trade is front-run, SyncSwap will guarantee you receive at least this amount. Otherwise, it will revert the transaction and return your assets.


It shows the route of pools that your trade executes through. SyncSwap will route your trade through multiple pools to achieve the optimal price.

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