SyncSwap has been working with Zellic for the security review of SyncSwap's future-proofing multi-pool design.

Zellic is the top-tier smart contract auditor who has completed successful audits of some of the most well-known teams and projects, including Aptos, LayerZero, Solana, Jump, Wormhole, Yuga Labs, and Wintermute.

Aqua and v2 Pools

The SyncSwap v2 pools, including the advanced Aqua Pool have been audited by Halborn.

The SyncSwap Aqua Pool contracts have completed a double audit by Zellic.


The SyncSwap vortex contracts have been audited by both PeckShield and MetaTrust Labs.


The SyncSwap launchpad contracts have been audited by Beosin.


SyncSwap's codebase has successfully passed the checks of ConsenSys's premier security analysis service MythX, and the comprehensive security assessment of the MetaScan by MetaTrust.

You can find the reports here.

GPT4 Audit

SyncSwap's core contracts have also been audited by OpenAI's GPT4 with good comments, marking SyncSwap one of the first projects audited by AI.

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