SyncSwap protocol is a suite of Smart Contracts deployed on the Ethereum L2 Rollups.

API Docs

You can find the details of SyncSwap's architecture and interfaces on our API documentation.

Architecture Overview

SyncSwap DEX has a modular design and is comprised of multiple independent modules.


The vault replaced the old ways of storing funds by building a permissions-less vault for unified escrow of funds. The vault allows token transfers with lower gas costs without transfer taxes and supports flash loans to bring additional revenue streams for the protocol.

Pool Master

The pool master contract is the registry and entrance of all liquidity pools.

Pool Factories

Pool factories are a set of factory contracts to create different pools with unique pool models.

Liquidity Pools

The set of all created liquidity pools to operate the core trading algorithms.

Fee Manager

The fee manager is an independent module to perform fee management and implement dynamic trading fees.

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